Tiny Tentacles are enemies found in the Oglin Caves and the Junkyard. In the former, they support Aquagoth


In the fight with Aquagoth, waves of Tiny Tentacles erupt from the platform in a clockwise wave. The speed in which they move and erupt makes it difficult to pin them down, and they will never stop respawning anyway, so the player should ignore them and just avoid them.

In the Junkyard, Tiny Tentacles are motionless and erupt from the same spot continuously, making them much easier to deal with.

Player ImprovementEdit

Tiny Tentacles, along with Tentacles, leave some of the most experience of any normal enemy. If the player is keen to level grind, this makes the Junkyard a good place. However, they award no money when killed, so if that is a concern the player should look elsewhere for grinding.

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