Tiny is an inhabitant of Antiqua. He is a strongman in Nobilia famous for his tremendous strength.


Tiny is an enforcer for Nobilia Colosseum. When the Hero was chosen to fight Vigor in the arena, Tiny was tasked to escort him to the waiting area.

After the defeat of Aegis, Horace called on Tiny to dispose of Aegis' volatile Energy Core before it exploded. Tiny hurled it away and it landed north of Horace's Camp, the explosion opening a passage to the Oglin Caves.

When the hero returned to Antiqua to retrieve the Diamond Eyes, Horace told him that Tiny had stolen them. Tiny had taken command of the Oglins and was now leading them out of the Great Pyramid. The hero travelled to the Pyramid and confronted Tiny, who said the Oglins understood him and were his friends, and ordered the hero to leave. The hero fought off the Oglins and teleported up to Tiny's platform, where Tiny surrendered, unwilling to fight himself. He handed over the Diamond Eyes and ordered the hero to leave, ashamed of his actions.


  • Outside Nobilia Colosseum is a boulder that can be levitated with Levitate. If the player does this, Tiny will come out and offer to demonstrate his strength in exchange for a Tapestry. Giving Tiny a Tapestry will have him throw the boulder away, eventually landing on the Cliff where it forms a new path to some previously inaccessible pots.

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