The Prophet is a doomsayer met in Antiqua. The Prophet stands near the entrance to Nobilia, spouting off predictions of disaster to the few who stay to listen.

If the player repeatedly talks to the Prophet, he eventually makes thinly veiled commentary that he realizes he is in a video game, and he eventually outright declares so. The Hero mocks him, and the Prophet calls upon the player to strike him down if he is lying. The player is then given the choice to turn the Prophet into a goat, a chicken, or a basket.

However, if the player presses Y to close the menu without delivering punishment, the grateful Prophet thanks them by giving them a piece of armor; the Stone Vest, Bronze Armor, or Centurion Cape, depending on what the player already has. If the player has all three, they receive 500 Jewels. The player can repeat this when speaking to the Prophet again later.

In addition to his normal dialogue, the prophet may say a string of numbers: "01000010 01001010 010000110." These numbers are the letters "BJF" in binary code, ostensibly the initials of programmar Brian Fehdrau.

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