The Swamp is a region in Prehistoria. It is located far east of the Volcano Slopes.


The Hero and his Dog came here searching for Mud Peppers to use the Levitate formula needed to enter the Volcano. In the depths of the Swamp they found a giant serpent named Salabog attacking the hut of a man named Blimp. The hero defeated the Salabog, and Blimp gave them a Mud Pepper as thanks.

When the Volcano erupted, the Swamp was flooded. Blimp escaped by using the essence of Mud Peppers to float swamp flowers.

Several paths in the swamp are connected by lilly pads: the player sometimes needs to defeat the Frippos in the area to make the pads appear.





  • When returning to the region after completing Gothica, the remains of the Aegis statue can be found in the landing clearing.

Musical ThemeEdit

Sleeping Prehistoria Dog Sprite File:Swamplands.ogg
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