Sting is an alchemy formula. It is found in the Desert of Doom; in several oases in the desert there is an alchemist that will teach Sting.


Sting creates a beehive over enemies and unleashes a swarm of bees to attack them. It executes quickly.

Sting is a deceptively powerful formula, actually one of the strongest in the game, doing more damage on average than Fireball or Crush, though not as much as late-game formulas like Fire Power and Explosion. It's ingredients are easy to amass in Antiqua, but unless the player stocks up on Vinegar, they're liable to run out before they can restock later. If the player can keep their stock high, Sting is very effective for a long time to come. The biggest drawback of Sting is finding it.


Sting requires 1 part Vinegar and 2 parts Water for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 21 37
Level 1 38 73
Level 2 66 129
Level 3 103 201
Level 4 143 291
Level 5 191 362
Level 6 254 472
Level 7 312 598
Level 8 387 725
Level 9 474 859

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