Speed is an alchemy formula. It is found in the Volcano in a hidden area. One room in the caves of the Volcano contains a single pot with Water in it. A hidden passage in this room leads to an alchemist that teaches Speed.


Speed increases the target's agility, raising both their evasion and their hit percentage.

Speed is a decently effective formula, acting as both an offensive and defensive buff at once. Missing attacks usually isn't a problem, and Speed doesn't raise evasion too much that the target will constantly be avoiding damage, but it does help on both fronts. If the player has room for Speed in their alchemy line-up, it is worthwhile to bring along.


Speed requires 1 part Wax and 2 parts Water for each casting.

Agility boostEdit

Level Minimum boost Maximum boost
Level 0 13 24
Level 1 25 49
Level 2 46 81
Level 3 65 131
Level 4 116 183
Level 5 148 244
Level 6 166 317
Level 7 215 384
Level 8 288 468
Level 9 303 523

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