Slow Burn is an alchemy formula. It is learned by inspecting a bookcase in Tinker's lab in Ebon Keep Castle.


Slow Burn deals a small amount of initial damage, then deals additional damage every two seconds over time.

Slow Burn is of little use; against weaker enemies the player is better off using higher damage formulas to kill them outright, and against stronger enemies its damage is too low to do much against them. Corrosion is near-universally preferable to Slow Burn: it strikes all enemies at once, and Slow Burn must be at Level 4 or higher to do more damage than Corrosion, demanding a lot of time and ingredients to get to that point.


Slow Burn requires 1 part Iron and 1 part Brimstone for each casting.


Level Initial damage Continuous damage
Level 0 8 4
Level 1 12 6
Level 2 16 8
Level 3 20 10
Level 4 24 12
Level 5 28 14
Level 6 32 16
Level 7 36 18
Level 8 40 20
Level 9 44 22

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