Skullclaw is an enemy that appears throughout Gothica. They appear in one area, the Chessboard.


Skullclaw (Concept Art)

Concept art.

The Skullclaw moves at a descent clip and attacks using collision damage. The linear paths of the Chessboard's hedge maze and the staircases beneath it makes it easy to anticipate their attacks, and they are easily pinned down with normal weapon attacks. Alchemy is particularly effective against the Skullclaw due to their negative magic defense making it much more effective against them.

Player improvementEdit

The Skullclaw gives a good amount of experience and money, which makes it an optimal level grinding target, especially if the player also wants to level up alchemy. The player can hunt down the Skullclaws around the Chessboard easily, then leave and return to respawn them as needed.

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