The Ruby Heart is a Charm that can be acquired in Antiqua and Gothica. It lowers the chance for enemies to land hits on the Hero and the Dog when their HP is low.

The Ruby Heart can first be acquired in Nobilia Marketplace by trading a Tapestry, a Jeweled Scarab, and a Limestone Tablet. If the player trades for the Heart and then trades it away or sells it to the appraiser, it can be purchased for 300 Gold Coins in Ivor Tower Alley. The Alley is inaccessible after Mungola is defeated, so the player must make the purchase beforehand.

The Moxa Stick can be traded for the Gloves of Ra or the Ruby Heart. The player can acquire both of these items other ways as detailed on their own pages, so there is little reason to trade away the Moxa Stick.