Raptors are a type of dinosaur that live in Prehistoria. The purple variety is fought in the introduction of the game as a boss.


After leaving Omnitopia and crash-landing the Aeroglider, the Hero became lost in the jungles of Prehistoria, with only a bone for a weapon. While exploring, he came across a clearing with four Raptors that attacked him.


There are four Raptors, fought one at a time. They leap from the bushes to attack, and then run around the arena fighting similarly to normal Raptors for a while, before vanishing back into the bushes. The bushes sometimes shake to telegraph their attacks, sometimes not. The last Raptor has double the HP of the first three.

If the player loses the battle, the Dog will pull them to the safety of Fire Eyes' Village.

Player ImprovementEdit

Each defeated Raptor earns the player 16 experience and 29 Talons, a substantial bounty when starting the game. If the player defeats all four Raptors, they receive a Petal, 50 additional Talons, and a villager in Fire Eyes' Village will give them a free Grass Vest.


  • There is a small event the first time that the Hero entering in the sewer maze of the Volcano, this Raptor variation appears behind a chest and run after seeing the Hero, probably to warn about intruders to the evil clone of Elizabeth. It can be defeated with alchemy like Acid Rain or Hard Ball before escaping.

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Musical ThemeEdit

"Raptor Attack!"
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