The following is a list of all dialogue spoken in Prehistoria.

Note that <boy> indicates the name the player has specified for the boy, and <dog> for the dog.

South JungleEdit

Before Raptor mini-bossEdit

Boy: Whoa! That was some landing! I think the pod and bazooka are shot! Wh... Where am I, anyway? And, where's my dog? Here, buddy! Here, pupster! Where are you, boy? Wow! Is that really you? You've changed! Hmmm... If you're really my dog, you'll fetch this stick. OK! Go get it! Well, this isn't the stick. But it'll do! C'mon buddy, let's look around.

Strong HeartEdit

spoken only once: Hello, <boy>! I’m back in business after that terrible experience in the Bugmuck. Thanks to you, I’m not a big bug’s dinner! Please take this Cure Formula. It will cure you from poison and other ills. The formula requires 2 parts Root and 1 part Oil. -- See you later!

spoken in subsequent meetings: I hope that you use your alchemy formulas well.

Raptor Mini-bossEdit

Boy: I have a strange feeling about this.

Fire Eyes' VillageEdit

Before Thraxx bossEdit


Lower Left HutEdit

The Vipers and other jungle beasts dare not enter our village. Fire Eyes protects us from them. Please feel free to take the ocntents of my pots and gourds. You'll need them if you plan to go into the jungle.

Lower Right HutEdit

My brother, Strong Heart,told me that he was going to look for the big bug in the Bugmuck. He said that there may be rare alchemy ingredients hidden in the bug's skeleton. Strong Heart searches the area often for ingredients. And when he returns, he always gives some of them to me. Then, I sell them to townspeople who know alchemy formulas.

Village InnEdit

if lost to raptors:

  • Shopkeeper: Are you OK, kid? You took quite a beating out there!
  • Boy: Whoa! What happened?
  • Shopkeeper: The raptors got you! They’re a tricky lot, they are! Thanks to this wild animal here, you were saved!
  • Boy: That’s no wild animal. That’s my dog! He’s just not himself right now.
  • Shopkeeper: Well, now that you’re both safe in our friendly village... can save your game! OK?


  • Shopkeeper: OK, fine. Feel free to take items from the gourds in this village. We know that you’ll return the favor. And you definitely need the help.

if defeated raptors: Hello, friend. Welcome to my inn. Would you like to rest for 10 talons?

Hut beside InnEdit

You look tired. You should have a nice meal and rest at the Inn. It's just next door. You should also collect items from gourds and pots before you leave the village. The people of this village don't mind if you take items. We know that you'll return the favor by helping us in some way.

Middle HutEdit

if defeated raptors: Thanks for fighting off the creatures outside our village. Please take this Grass Vest.

if lost to raptors: I've been to the Bugmuck in the East and I’ve seen the giant bug! That may be where Strong Heart went to explore.

Village Item ShopEdit

Hello, traveler. I’m the source for goods in this village. What can I do for you?

Village Armour ShopEdit

An adventurer must have shielding out in the field. I deal in strong armor. What can I do for you?


Bee Child 1Edit

We're not allowed to wander far from the village. But I've heard about a place where there are a lot of bugs and tar. My father, Strong Heart, went there days ago and he hasn't come back.

Bee Child 2Edit

You like my bee? His name is 'Buzz!' He'll sting you! Sting!

Lizard Child 1Edit

Nice lizard, huh? She knows how to sit, stay, shake hands and roll over.

Lizard Child 2Edit

Fire Eyes has taught us everything we know. I've learned basket weaving, bird calls, and the metric system! -- Fire Eyes is a good role model for young villagers like me. I'm a big fan.

Young WomanEdit

The new alchemist, Strong Heart, is missing from his jungle hut.

Old Woman 1Edit

if lost to raptors: We of the village of Fire Eyes welcome peaceful visitors. I hear that you had a tough fight in the jungle. I hope you’re OK now.

if defeated raptors: We of the village of Fire Eyes welcome peaceful visitors. Thank you for protecting us from those nasty raptors. Please stay for a while and have some nice Petals.

Old Woman 2Edit

There are many special items that you should bring along with you on your journey. Petals, Nectar and Honey heal wounds and replenish energy.

Young Man 1Edit

You'll find alchemy ingredients-a-plenty if you search the village outskirts. But, be careful. The place is packed with creepy creatures.

Young Man 2Edit

You should talk to Fire Eyes before you walk into the dangerous quicksand field.

Old Man 1Edit

You are not one of us. Not a Viper, either. You are like Fire Eyes!

Old Man 2 (Strong Heart's father)Edit

Alchemy is the practice of combining ingredients for powerful and often magical results. My family has used alchemy for many generations. Alchemy effects increase in strength when you use formulas often.

Fire EyesEdit
  • Guard: This is the hut of our leader. Please show Fire Eyes your respect. Fire Eyes, Fire Eyes. Fire Eyes, Fire Eyes. Fire Eyes, Fire Eyes.
  • Fire Eyes: What? Oh, hi. My name’s Elizabeth. Everyone around here calls me “Fire Eyes.”
  • Boy: Uh, hi. <boy> is my name.
  • Fire Eyes: Well, <boy>, step into my hut. We’ll talk. Who let that wild beast in here?
  • Boy: Oh. That’s my dog. He hasn’t been himself lately.
  • Fire Eyes: What’s his name?
  • Boy: His name? It’s... <dog>!
  • Fire Eyes: “<dog>?” That’s... original. You’re not from around here, are you?
  • Boy: I’m not really sure where “here” is, to tell you the truth.
  • Fire Eyes: You’re on evermore, in my prehistoric village. I’m the leader.
  • Boy: You wouldn’t know how to get to Podunk from here, would you?
  • Fire Eyes: Podunk? Hmmmm... Interesting. I might! Maybe we can work something out. How’d you like to make yourself useful around here?
  • Boy: Well, I...
  • Fire Eyes: The new village alchemist, Strong Heart, has wandered off to the Bugmuck in the East. He’s been searching for alchemy ingredients that are plentiful in the muck. If you can help him get back to the village, I will help you with whatever you need.
  • Boy: Well, as Captain Leif Meldrock says in “Mars Needs Lumberjacks:” “I’m ready for anything!”
  • Fire Eyes: Before you go... I’d like for you to have an alchemy formula that I’ve developed. I call it “Flash.” It’s pretty powerful against mean creatures. You can use the formula whenever you have 1 part Wax and 2 parts Oil. Just select the spell and let it fly. The more you use the Flash Formula, the stronger it will get.
  • Boy: Cool! Thanks!

After Thraxx bossEdit

Note that only dialogue that has changed is indicated

Huts (part 2)Edit

Lower Left Hut (part 2)Edit

The new alchemist, Strong Heart, is wise and powerful. he can help you in your journey.

Lower Right Hut (part 2)Edit

The Vipers are a mean bunch. I’d fight them myself if I thought that I had a chance. But my brother, Strong Heart is the gutsy one in the family.

Middle Hut (part 2)Edit

The Vipers get material for their weapons in the Mammoth Graveyard to the Northeast.

People (part 2)Edit

Bee Child 1 (part 2)Edit

You saved Strong Heart in the tar! Now you can use that Claw to explore the jungle. Strong Heart lives in the jungle. You can visit him by chopping through the brush!

Young Woman (part 2)Edit

Strong Heart told me about your rescue in the Bugmuck. Good work! Now Strong Heart is safe and has returned to his hut, south of the village.

Old Woman 1 (part 2)Edit

spoken only once: The great volcano is giving us less heat now! Something is terribly wrong!

spoken in subsequent meetings: If we are to stop the cooling of the great volcano, we must send a hero to the source!

Old Man 1 (part 2)Edit

You did well in the Bugmuck. Now you can be a great hero with victory over the Vipers.

Old Man 2 (Strong Heart's Father) (part 2)Edit

spoken only once: You saved Strong Heart in the Bugmuck! Well done! Nice save! I can help you defend yourself in future battles with an old recipe. This is the alchemy formula of Defend. Use it with one part Clay and one part Ash to increase your defensive abilities.

spoken in subsequent meetings: I hope that you are using your alchemy skills for the good of the village. --- Good luck, young warrior.

Fire Eyes (part 2)Edit

spoken only once:

  • Fire Eyes: I hear you were victorious in the far reaches of the Bugmuck.
  • Boy: Well, it was a bug hunt, but we got out of it OK. And we got a nifty Claw, too. It’s like an axe!
  • Fire Eyes: Well that’s... that’s great. Strong Heart has returned to his hut, south of the village. And, now the village faces a new crisis. The volcano to the north is rapidly cooling down. If this trend continues we could have an ice age on our hands.
  • Boy: I’d like to help you, but I’ve really got to start looking for a way back home.
  • Fire Eyes: Your best bet may be to track down the source of this atmospheric icing. You see, I’m originally from Podunk, too. My Grandpa is an inventor who lived in the mansion on the hill! He made a machine that could send people to worlds of their own design. Since I enjoy all things prehistoric, I dreamed up this world of cave people and dinosaurs. I was supposed to be here for a couple of hours, but it’s been a couple of decades. Now and again, I sense evidence of outside influences on our world. This recent drop in temperature could be the work of someone from the real world. And that person has control over the vicious volcano Vipers. If you go to the source, at the center of the volcano... might find someone or something that could lead you back home. And you might just save our village at the same time.
  • Boy: Wow! This is like what happens in “The Pale People of Planet V.” It’s about a bunch of astronauts who get stuck on an exact replica of Earth... ...only it’s populated by zombie vampires and... Well, actually, this isn’t like that at all.
  • Fire Eyes: If you’re finished with your little anecdote... ...I can give you the ability to call on me in difficult situations. If you need my help, especially in big battles, you can throw a Call Bead to the ground. I’ll appear in a flash. then you’ll be able to summon one of my spells.
  • Boy: No offense, but how can a girl help a couple of adventurers like us?
  • Fire Eyes: I’ve learned a few tricks since I’ve been here. Let me show you why they call me “Fire Eyes.”

(leave hut)

  • Fire Eyes: Step back!

(uses lightning to light fire)

  • Fire Eyes: Call me if you need my help.

spoken in subsequent meetings: The volcano to the north is rapidly giving off less heat. We need you to investigate and stop the big freeze.

Quicksand FieldEdit

Re. whirlpoolsEdit

  • Boy: Wow! And I thought a little sand in the shoes was irritating!
  • Boy: Maybe we should be a little more careful around those whirlpools. Like Jack McCoy said in ‘Invasion of the Mole People: ‘Stay focused and watch your step!’
  • Boy: This is getting kind of old. We should really try to avoid those whirlpools.

Quicksand Field Item ShopEdit

  • Shopkeeper: Slow creatures easily fall prey to the sucking sand whirlpools. You need the speed of the jaguar!

Boy: That sounds like a good alternative to being soaked in sand. Shopkeeper: I can provide you with the Jaguar Tooth Ring! It gives the wearer the ability to run with the speed of the fastest feline. And it’s free with any purchase, today only! What can I do for you?

  • Shopkeeper: Please take this Jaguar Tooth Ring as my gift to you. Press and hold the A Button to run, but watch your energy. A long run will wear you out.
  • Shopkeeper: You can avoid those sand whirlpools if you wait for them to close, then run.

River AlchemistEdit

  • Alchemist: Well, you look like you’ve been through a lot! There are lots of bugs and baddies out there. They are probably giving you a hard time.
  • Boy: You’re telling me!
  • Alchemist: Here’s something that should help you out in the sand, tar and lava. It’s the formula of Acid Rain. Just mix three parts Water with one part Ash and you’ll have a potent concoction.
  • Alchemist: The bugs and baddies should not bother you so much when you hit them with alchemy.


Bugmuck AlchemistEdit

  • Alchemist: Hello, friend. I don’t get many visitors out here in the Bugmuck. I study alchemy. It’s very powerful.
  • Boy: Alchemy? You’re not Strong Heart, are you?
  • Alchemist: No, but I know him. I saw him only a few days ago. He was walking toward the big bug! If you’re going in after him, you should have another alchemy formula. Alchemy is quite useful. You take a little of this, and a little of that, and... poof! It’s like magic! Let me give you the Hard Ball formula. It’s an effective weapon. Just mix 1 part Crystal with 1 part Clay and give it a good toss. Would you like to purchase ingredients?
  • Alchemist: Use your formulas wisely. There are only so many ingredients to go around.

Bugmuck Strong HeartEdit

  • Strong Heart: You are a brave adventurer indeed.Thank you for saving me! I am Strong Heart, from the village of Fire Eyes. I am a member in good standing of the Nobilian Order of Alchemists.
  • Boy: I’m <boy>, and this is my dog, <dog>. He hasn’t been himself lately.
  • Strong Heart: I’m very happy to meet you both. I was searching for ingredients when I stumbled upon that monster. If you didn’t come along and save me, I would have been eaten alive! Please take this gift with my thanks.

Mammoth GraveyardEdit

Viper CommanderEdit

You trespass in our bone land! Prepare to join the mammoths!

Graveyard AlchemistEdit

  • Boy: I wonder if this gate leads to the volcano.
  • Alchemist: Thank you for fighting off those vicious Vipers. They treat this sacred Mammoth Graveyard as if it were only a source for bones and tusks.
  • Boy: Those guys were Vipers?
  • Alchemist: Yes—lizard people from the great volcano. They’ve been coming out in force lately, raiding the graveyard for mammoth parts.
  • Boy: When we get to the core of the volcano, we’ll stop them before they do more harm.
  • Alchemist: Why are you going there? It’s very dangerous!
  • Boy: Well, Fire Eyes told us about the volcano cooling and...
  • Alchemist: Fire Eyes? Fire Eyes! Say no more. If you’re a friend of Fire Eyes, then I know that I can trust you. You may find the means to enter the Vipers’ domain at the top of the volcano, to the North. I’ll let you through the gate. Should I heal your wonds?


  • Alchemist: If you need to be healed later, you can use my Heal Formula. All you need is one part Water and one part Root in order to activate the spell.

Volcano SlopeEdit

Volcano Slope InnEdit

If you’re looking for rest, then look no further. You can stay for 30 talons. OK?

Volcano CraterEdit

Volcano AlchemistEdit

spoken only once:

  • Alchemist: Hmmm...mmmm...another fine blend...nice nose... good colour
  • Boy: Uh, hi. You wouldn’t know how to get into the volcano from here, would you?
  • Alchemist: The volcano? No. None but the way that would turn an adventurer into ash and molten bones.
  • Boy: Pardon me?
  • Alchemist: The only way that I know to enter the volcano is straight into the crater. Of course, come to think of it, you could try the catacombs at the base of the volcano.
  • Boy: I’ve seen a passage, but it’s blocked by a big rock!
  • Alchemist: Levitation! That’s a good solution! You can lift rocks and other heavy objects by using the Levitate Formula. I’ll give it to you right now. The formula requires a Mud Pepper and Water. Travel to the East from the base of the volcano. you’ll find Mud Peppers in the swamp. Would you like to purchase ingredients?

spoken in subsequent meetings:

Use the Levitate Formula to lift heavy objects out of the way. You’ll find ingredients in the swamp, to the East of the volcano’s base.