Pompolonius is the adviser to the ruler of Nobilia. As the ruler himself never appears in public, Pompolonius usually delivers his decrees to the people of Nobilia.


The ruler of Nobilia met with Pompolonius to discuss his next plan: to acquire the Diamond Eyes of the Sacred Dog statue. Pompolonius warned that the people of Nobilia would not support such a thing without a sign from the Sacred Dog itself. As it happened, at that point the Hero's Dog ran through the palace, transformed into a greyhound that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Sacred Dog.

Pompolonius presented the dog to the people of Nobilia, and declared that a fight in Nobilia Colosseum would be held in its honor. The dog itself was to choose the challenger to face Vigor, and chose his owner, who was in the crowd. Pompolonius oversaw the fight between the hero and Vigor, and presented the hero with the Gladiator Sword on his victory. At this time Pompolonius gave the hero his task to retrieve the Diamond Eyes for the ruler.

Pompolonius is not seen again after this point. His fate is unknown.

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