The Oglin is a cloaked enemy encountered in Antiqua. As the name suggests, they are very abundant in the Oglin Caves, and later appear in the Great Pyramid


Oglins move very quickly and attack by moving towards the player and stabbing their spears. Fighting them is made more difficult by the dark environment of the Oglin Caves, making it difficult to see them at times due to the player's limited field of vision. The Oglins are virtually endless in the caves, so the player should not concern themselves too much with fending them off, as the long and confusing layout of the caves can quickly wear the player down after repeated Oglin encounters.

In the Great Pyramid, Tiny throws Oglins down to attack the player. The player should ignore them and focus on figuring out how to teleport up to Tiny's platform, as the Oglins have endless reinforcements and fighting them does not help end the fight.

Player ImprovementEdit

The Oglins give a meagre amount of experience, but leave quite a bit of money: along with the Dragoyle, Gargon, Son of Anhur, and Skullclaw, the Oglin is one of the most profitable enemies in the game. If the player wishes to grind against them, the best time to do so is in the Great Pyramid during the fight with Tiny; the Oglins only appear two to a room there, and there is a literally endless supply of them to fight. Otherwise, this same area of the pyramid has several Oglins and Sons of Anhur to fight.


The Oglin's name is likely a corruption of "Goblin."

The Oglin was invented for Secret of Evermore by artist Al Dumo. The original concept was that it would be hidden until it opened it's eyes to "ogle" you - then you could see where it is to attack it.

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