Nitro is an alchemy formula. It is learned by inspecting a scroll in Tinker's lab in Ebon Keep Castle, after returning from Omnitopia. It is a stronger version of Explosion, and found in the same place as Explosion was earlier in the game.


Nitro drops a clump of powder over enemies that explodes to damage them. It instantly takes effect on casting.

Nitro, on paper, is the strongest alchemy attack in the game, slightly stronger than Fire Power and doing several hundred damage at low levels. However, it has two major drawbacks that make it impractical. The first is its ingredients. Only one merchant each in the game sell Grease and Gunpowder, so the player must travel back and forth to restock. The other problem is the timing; when the player finds Nitro, they're on their way to the final boss. It is simply not worth the effort to level up Nitro when the player likely has several other offensive alchemy formulas already at a higher level.


Nitro requires 1 part Gunpowder and 2 parts Grease for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 28 55
Level 1 59 111
Level 2 98 193
Level 3 154 307
Level 4 223 418
Level 5 290 546
Level 6 371 724
Level 7 462 895
Level 8 585 999
Level 9 669 999

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