Miracle Cure is an alchemy formula. It is taught by Strong Heart in Southern Jungle, when the player revisits Prehistoria with the Windwalker. It is a stronger version of Cure.


Miracle Cure heals a small amount of damage and restores status. Levelling it up increases the amount of HP restored.

There is little reason not to swap out Cure for Miracle Cure upon the player acquiring it; Miracle Cure does everything Cure does and heals HP as well. Miracle Cure actually heals more HP than Heal when the two are at the same level. Miracle Cure needs a rarer ingredient than Cure, Vinegar but Strong Heart sells Vinegar at a good price so that is a minor concern.


Miracle Cure requires 1 part Vinegar and 2 parts Root for each casting.


Level Minimum healing Maximum healing
Level 0 23 45
Level 1 45 91
Level 2 85 160
Level 3 127 247
Level 4 178 335
Level 5 258 461
Level 6 306 585
Level 7 390 735
Level 8 491 897
Level 9 567 999

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