A metallic version of Magmar is a boss in Omnitopia. It is the penultimate enemy in the game, fought just before the final boss, Carltron's Robot.


Magmar fights similarly to the original Magmar. It rolls around the arena by curling into a ball, and variably breathes fireballs at the player or spits fireballs into the air to descend. It can cast Heat Wave, which does heavy damage to both characters, and also uses Crush. Magmar can also be healed by bolts of lightning from the computers, rapidly regenerating several thousand HP.

The player should keep a close eye on their health because they cannot heal once Heat Wave begins, and if they're at low health it could kill them. Attack Magmar while it is healing; now is a good time to charge attacks while it pauses. Magmar's defenses are decent and it has a lot of HP, so it will take time to bring down. Charged attacks, especially from the Dog, are very useful.

Player improvementEdit

The player purportedly wins 50,000 experience for the battle, but some reports claim the experience is not received upon its defeat.

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