Charms are important key items. The player can only have one of them, and they bestow beneficial affects on the player. Most of them are acquired by trading in Nobilia Marketplace and Ivor Tower Alley; in the former, a trader will specifically trade some Charms the player has previously owned and sold or traded to someone else, but will not sell all sold or traded Charms. In cases where the player receives a Charm as some sort of reward, already having that Charm will cause the reward-giver to give them another Charm.

Though difficult, it is possible to obtain all Charms at once in the same game file, if the player makes the right trades.

List of CharmsEdit

Charm Icon Effect Acquired
Jaguar Ring Jaguar Ring Allows the player to sprint by holding A while moving. Sprinting lowers weapon charge.
  • Sandpits - Buy any item from the merchant.
Chocobo Egg Chocobo Egg Increases the max HP of the Hero and the Dog by 45.
Oracle Bone Oracle Bone Causes some NPCs to say different things.
Thug's Cloak Thugs Cloak Raises evasion.
Silver Sheath Silver Sheath Raises sword damage. Due a glitch, this bonus is always in effect; the Sheath actually does nothing.
Moxa Stick Moxa Stick Raises power of healing items and alchemy.
Armor Polish Armor Polish Raises defensive power of body armor.
Insect Incense Insect Incense Repels mosquitos.
Jade Disk Jade Disk Increases likelihood of attacks landing successfully.
Ruby Heart Ruby Heart Lowers likelihood of enemy attacks landing when the player is low on HP.
Wizard's Coin Magicians Coin Increases magic defense.
Staff of Life Staff of Life Increases defense.
Sun Stone Sun Stone Increases attack.
Magic Gourd Magic Gourd Nothing.

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