Lightning Storm is an alchemy formula. It is taught by Gomi at Gomi Tower after defeating Sterling. It has a variant ability called Storm.


Lightning Storm creates dark clouds over the target enemies and zaps them with lightning. It only takes a moment to execute and immediately hits.

Lightning Storm is one of the most powerful offensive formulas in the game in terms of damage output, only outdamaged by Explosion, Fire Power, and Nitro. The ingredients for Lightning Storm are also plentiful and easy to get in bulk.


Lightning Storm requires 1 part Iron and 2 parts Ash for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 24 43
Level 1 45 82
Level 2 79 149
Level 3 120 238
Level 4 164 323
Level 5 229 426
Level 6 289 563
Level 7 350 680
Level 8 429 814
Level 9 508 992

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