Levitate is an alchemy formula. It is acquired on the Volcano Slopes. It has the distinction of being the only alchemy formula required to complete the game.


The Hero was seeking a way into the Volcano, and went to the Volcano Slopes seeking a way in. In the Volcano crater, an alchemist that had set up shop there advised him to use a cave in the Northern Jungle, at the foot of the Volcano. The hero told him a boulder was blocking the cave, and the alchemist taught the boy the Levitate formula that could move it.

To use Levitate, the hero needed a rare Mud Pepper, which could be found in the Swamp. In the swamp, the hero defeated the Salabog attacking Blimp, and he thanked the hero with a Mud Pepper. The hero subsequently found several Mud Peppers in the Volcano and used them with Levitate to progress through the Volcano.


Levitate can only be targeted on boulders, and as such it is not used much in the game. When Levitate is targeted on a boulder, the boulder will hover into the air and move to the side, permanently opening the path. Levelling up Levitate does nothing.

After the Volcano is completed, Levitate is only used twice more in the game. At Nobilia Colosseum, levitating a boulder there prompts Tiny to investigate, and he will offer to throw the boulder away in a show of strength. Doing so opens a new area on the Cliff.

When returning to Antiqua later in the game, Levitate must be used in the Great Pyramid to solve a switch puzzle involving a boulder.


Levitate requires 1 part Water and 1 part Mud Pepper for each casting.

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