Lance is an alchemy formula. It is acquired from Lance in Ivor Tower, and was developed by him. For Lance to appear, the player must enter the second floor of his home and leave without opening the chests there; Lance will intercept them as they attempt to go, and give them the Lance formula.


Lance brings down a spiked projectile to stab enemies. It executes quickly and is impossible for enemies to avoid.

Lance does mediocre damage, below Crush and Fireball. Its main advantage is its fast execution, but beyond that there is little reason to use it over the mentioned two formulas, or any of the other formulas acquired in Gothica that have superior power.


Lance requires 1 part Iron and 1 part Acorn for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 13 24
Level 1 26 49
Level 2 44 86
Level 3 78 136
Level 4 98 183
Level 5 127 244
Level 6 179 323
Level 7 203 393
Level 8 247 482
Level 9 302 570