The King is the co-ruler of Gothica with Camellia Bluegarden.

After Camellia's evil twin imprisoned the real Camellia, she had the king watched a hypnotic puppet show. The puppets put the king in a trance, forcing him to keep watching the show over and over. With the King indisposed, the evil twin took over the kingdom.

When the Hero confronted the evil queen, she had the puppets of the show, Old Nick and Mephista, attack him along with a monster, Mungola. The hero destroyed them and the queen smashed through the floor and was destroyed. The king, freed from his trance, rewarded the hero with 10,000 Gold Coins, and the two then fled the area as the force of the queen's impact caused the passages to cave in. The king ran back to Ebon Keep when he realized everyone else had moved back as well.

In the ending, the king is seen with Camellia and Tinker Tinderbox as they panic with Evermore's destruction. After Camellia leaves, the king becomes the sole ruler of Gothica.

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