The Jaguar Ring is a Charm acquired in Prehistoria.

The Ring is found in the Sandpits. The player must fall into the whirlpools until one takes them to a cave inaccessible on foot. In the cave an NPC will sell items, and gives the player the Jaguar Ring if they buy at least one item from them.

The Jaguar Ring allows the player to spring by holding A and moving. Sprinting is much faster than running, but rapidly drains the player's weapon power. When weapon power reaches 0%, they will stop running so power can recharge.

The player can run indefinitely by using a weapon levelled up to Level 3. Charge up to Level 3, and then begin sprinting while holding both B and A. The initial sprint will only drain some of the weapon's charge, and as long as B is held, the weapon will charge back up faster than sprinting drains it, allowing the player to run as long as they wish.