Heal is an alchemy formula. It is learned in the Mammoth Graveyard, taught by an alchemist after the player defeats the Viper Commander.


Heal restores HP to the target.

Heal is unquestionably one of the most useful formulas in the game, as for a large part of the game, it is the players only healing alchemy. It also level scales very well to stay effective as the player increases in level and needs larger amounts of healing. Even at relatively low levels, Heal will restore more health than healing items. Later in the game, Super Heal is an alternative to Heal, but it remains a useful formula if the player wishes to keep it.


Heal requires 1 part Root and 1 part Water for each casting.


Level Minimum healing Maximum healing
Level 0 20 38
Level 1 41 78
Level 2 70 137
Level 3 108 212
Level 4 158 298
Level 5 208 396
Level 6 261 502
Level 7 326 627
Level 8 395 721
Level 9 473 902

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