Hard Ball is an alchemy formula, and the second formula acquired by the player. An alchemist living in Bugmuck gives it to them.


Hard Ball creates a fast-moving projectile at the player's feet that quickly seeks out targets and damages them.

Hard Ball is the weakest offensive formula in the game. On average it does less damage than any other alchemy formula of the same level, and even at max level only does a couple hundred points of damage. It is handy for Prehistoria, when the player only has a few formulas at all, but the player should not spend much time or money in levelling up Hard Ball and swap it out for another damaging formula as soon as they acquire one.


Hard Ball requires 1 part Clay and 1 part Crystal for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 5 10
Level 1 11 20
Level 2 19 36
Level 3 29 54
Level 4 42 77
Level 5 55 100
Level 6 69 135
Level 7 89 165
Level 8 108 200
Level 9 131 235

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