Flash is an alchemy formula, the first formula learned by the player. It is taught by Elizabeth in Fire Eyes' Village.


Flash sends a slow fire projectile homing in on targets. It is less effective against fast enemies, as they may outrun Flash and it will disperse before it can catch them.

Given it is one of the earliest formulas received, Flash is also one of the weakest; only Hard Ball and Drain do less damage, on average.


Flash requires 1 part Wax and 2 parts Oil for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 7 15
Level 1 13 26
Level 2 24 46
Level 3 39 71
Level 4 54 100
Level 5 68 134
Level 6 89 173
Level 7 108 213
Level 8 135 249
Level 9 162 304

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