Fireball is an alchemy formula. It is taught by Madronius' brother in a hidden passage in the Hall of Collosia. It is similar to Flare and could be considered a stronger version of Flash.


Fireball launches a fast-moving fireball from the player that seeks out targets and strikes them. Similar to Crush, the player can rapidly launch several Fireballs in succession by opening the menu and casting it again during the casting animation.

Fireball is overall a solid offensive spell. Its damage, while outclassed by other late-game spells, is solid, its ingredients are readily available in Antiqua and Gothica, and though it fires a projectile to do damage, said projectile moves quickly. Later in the game its usefulness is outclassed by Fire Power, a spell with greater power that also demands Brimstone to use.


Fireball requires 1 part Brimstone and 2 parts Ash for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 15 29
Level 1 35 60
Level 2 56 107
Level 3 99 167
Level 4 128 237
Level 5 158 299
Level 6 204 399
Level 7 294 493
Level 8 307 599
Level 9 429 703

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