Fire Power is an alchemy formula. It is taught by an alchemist in Ivor Tower Castle. To learn it, the player must explore the air vents as the Dog earlier in the game and find an old woman that gives them the Queen's Key. The Key in turn can be given to an alchemist in the castle's chambers, and he will teach the player Fire Power in exchange.

Fire Power could be considered a stronger form of Flash and Fireball, forming a trio of fire-based attack formulas.


Fire Power bombards enemies with fireballs from multiple directions, dealing damage. The spell takes several seconds to deal damage from execution, but the enemy is stunned during that time.

Fire Power is one of the most powerful offensive formulas in terms of damage output, only rivalled by Nitro; with the scarcity of Nitro's ingredients, one could say Fire Power is functionally the most powerful attack alchemy in the game. It deals high damage, stuns enemies on execution, and its ingredients are readily available in Gothica and Omnitopia.

The main drawback of Fire Power is that the ingredients to cast it are expensive in bulk, but if money is not a concern, there is little reason not to use Fire Power.


Fire Power requires 1 part Feather and 1 part Brimstone for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 29 54
Level 1 60 109
Level 2 103 194
Level 3 154 304
Level 4 228 415
Level 5 280 557
Level 6 378 720
Level 7 454 896
Level 8 548 999
Level 9 650 999

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