Fire Eyes' Village is a region in Prehistoria. It is the main settlement in the region, and is where Elizabeth and her villagers make their home.


The Hero and his Dog arrived in the village after crashing in the Southern Jungle. Elizabeth introduced herself to them, and upon learning they were from Podunk, she agreed to help them if they rescued the village alchemist, Strong Heart, from the Bugmuck.

Upon Strong Heart's return, Elizabeth explained about her grandfather, Sidney Ruffleberg, and his experiment to create Evermore. Elizabeth felt there was something amiss at the northern Volcano - her village was reliance on its heat to survive, but recently it had been cooling, and she believed an outside influence was responsible.

Later, the hero returned to the village seeking materials to help Tinker Tinderbox build a rocket. Elizabeth directed him to the Bugmuck and the Volcano Slopes, where much of the debris from the Volcano's eruption had landed.



Note: - In a small side-area of the village, there is a pot containing a Dog Biscuit initially. After receiving Call Beads from Elizabeth, the pot will contain a Call Bead instead.




The equipment merchant is located in the far north-west hut.

Grass Vest 180 Talons
Grass Hat 120 Talons
Vine Bracelet 120 Talons


The item merchant is on the slope north-west of Elizabeth's hut.

Petal 15 Talons
Wings 100 Talons
Dog Biscuit 50 Talons
Essence 15 Talons
Pixie Dust 150 Talons


The alchemist is in the far south-east hut, near the exist to the Sandpits.

Ash 60 Talons
Crystal 80 Talons
Oil 80 Talons
Water 60 Talons
Wax 120 Talons


Musical ThemeEdit

"Village on the Plateau"
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