The Face is a boss in Omnitopia. It is the only optional boss in the game, found in Security Access by inputing the proper code (randomly generated each game) on the Alarm Room control console. When the code is entered properly, the rear wall in Security Access opens, revealing the hatch to the boss room.


There are two Faces in the room that must both be defeated to win. Their only offense is Flash, which is at a high level and does good damage. The Faces regularly fade back into the wall and then reappear. They will also heal themselves with Heal.

Alchemy is most effective against them due to their high physical defense versus low alchemy defense. If the player has Reflect from earlier in Omnitopia, it is very effective and will render them invincible, as the Faces have no way to attack outside of Flash.

Player improvementEdit

The player wins 4,000 exp and 2,000 credits for each face, a total of 8,000 experience and 4,000 credits, a good boon. They also win 30 Particle Bombs.


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