Explosion is an alchemy formula. It is found in Tinker's tower in Ebon Keep Castle, by examining a scroll on a table in the lab.


Explosion deals heavy damage to a target after a brief delay.

Explosion is one of the most powerful alchemy formulas in the game in terms of pure offensive power: only Fire Power, Lightning Storm, and Nitro have higher damage. Its ingredients are also plentiful by the time the player acquires it. Overall, if the player wishes to use powerful alchemy, there is little reason not to use Explosion.


Explosion requires 1 part Ash and 2 parts Ethanol for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 24 45
Level 1 44 82
Level 2 76 149
Level 3 128 237
Level 4 164 306
Level 5 221 430
Level 6 309 583
Level 7 368 681
Level 8 425 816
Level 9 505 971

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