Energize is an alchemy formula, the first formula learned by the player. It is taught by Sidney Ruffleberg in Ruffleberg's Lab, and is the last new alchemy formula acquired in the game.


Energize greatly increases the charge rate of weapon energy, and does so automatically without holding the attack button. For 60 seconds, the player's weapon energy will charge to full within a few seconds. Levelling up Energize does not change its effects.

Energize is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and useful formulas in the game, especially when paired with a leveled up Neutron Blade that lets the player rapidly deal multiple hits with its level 3 attack. The one drawback of Energize is that the Bazooka cannot be fired while it is in effect.


Energize requires 1 part Crystal and 2 parts Iron for each casting.

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