Drain is an alchemy formula. It is learned from an alchemist living on the Western Bank. The alchemist's cave is blocked by a rock that requires the Bronze Axe to break.


Drain instantly deals damage to the target(s) and restores HP to the Hero equal to half the damage dealt. It's damage is very low; only Hard Ball and formulas that do damage over time (Slow Burn and Corrosion) do less damage than Drain.

Drain's usefulness against Double Drain is a trade-off. Double Drain has much higher power, appropriately doing approximately double the damage on average. In exchange, Double Drain's ingredient needs are steeper than Drain's, needing two Vinegar, an ingredient only a few merchants sell, while Drain's ingredients are more common. Overall as an offensive formula, Drain is severely lacking, and its low power also means it won't heal much HP. Drain is simply too low-powered to be of much use, even at high levels.


Drain requires 1 part Ethanol and 2 parts Root for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 6 12
Level 1 13 23
Level 2 22 42
Level 3 37 67
Level 4 53 91
Level 5 66 123
Level 6 82 162
Level 7 101 199
Level 8 125 241
Level 9 153 286

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