Double Drain is an alchemy formula. It is learned from the alchemist in the cave on the Western Bank after defeating Aegis. Note that if the player puts off acquiring Drain from this alchemist, they may not be able to acquire Double Drain until returning from Gothica.


Double Drain instantly deals damage to the target(s) and restores HP to the Hero equal to half the damage dealt. It's damage is a bit lower than some other formulas, however.

While Double Drain is a decently effective formula, it is hampered by the problem of its ingredients: Vinegar can only be purchased from Strong Heart and Madronius, and Madronius is no longer available after Aegis is defeated. If the player wishes to make good use of Double Drain, they should stock up on Vinegar from Madronius before fighting Aegis.


Double Drain requires 2 parts Ethanol and 2 parts Vinegar for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 14 24
Level 1 23 49
Level 2 44 80
Level 3 69 135
Level 4 102 172
Level 5 130 247
Level 6 171 306
Level 7 226 393
Level 8 272 481
Level 9 302 568

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