Defend is an alchemy formula. It is acquired in Fire Eyes' Village after defeating Thraxx. On the western edge of the village there is a small area with several pots. After Thraxx is defeated, a villager can be found in this area, and they will teach the player defend.


Defend is a useful formula for much of the game, as the only defensive formula acquired for a long time. It giving the player a good defensive buff for 60 seconds, and uses fairly common ingredients. Defend's usefulness declines when Barrier is acquired, as Barrier is superior to Defend in every way save for the prices of their ingredients, but money is almost a non-issue by the time Barrier is found anyway.


Defend requires 1 part Clay and 1 part Ash for each casting.

Defense IncreaseEdit

Level Minimum increase Maximum increase
Level 0 8 14
Level 1 14 29
Level 2 28 50
Level 3 41 81
Level 4 66 111
Level 5 75 134
Level 6 104 168
Level 7 133 237
Level 8 153 276
Level 9 197 344

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