The Dark Toaster is an enemy fought during the final boss battle in Carltron's Lair. It is an evil copy of the Dog's toaster form.


The Dark Toaster is a dangerous enemy, with very high stats all-around, it moves fast, and attacks from range with the same arsenal of lasers as the dog. It's alchemy defense is almost maxed out, and thus formulas only do 10% of their normal damage to it. Physical attacks are the way to go, particularly charged attacks that can score critical hits to piece the Dark Toaster's high defense. The player should keep a close eye on their HP, as the Dark Toaster can deal a lot of damage quickly with its lasers. Ironically, the dog's own lasers can make short work of the Dark Toaster.

Player improvementEdit

The player gets 5,000 experience for the fight, but not much money, though the latter is a moot point.

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