The Dark Forest is a region in Gothica. It lies far beneath the Chessboard, in the ravine between Ivor Tower and Ebon Keep. The massive forest is a dark and confusing maze, infested with monsters including shapeshifters. The shapeshifters lurking in the trees serve as a cue to the player; following the path with the shapeshifters points the way.


The Hero and his Dog traversed the Dark Forest in order to sneak into Ebon Keep.




  • Crusader Sword (defeat Bad Boy and Bad Dawg)
  • Lance (defeat Timberdrake)
  • 2,000 Gold Coins (defeat Timberdrake)



The same merchant sells both items and equipment in the Inn.

Ethanol 100 Gold Coins
Feather 1,000 Gold Coins
Iron 180 Gold Coins
Mushroom 300 Gold Coins
Oil 80 Gold Coins
Root 80 Gold Coins


If the player rescued an Oglin from the well in Ivor Tower South, it can be found in the Dark Forest, and rewards the player with the Thug's Cloak; if the player already has the cloak, they receive the Wizard's Coin.

Musical ThemeEdit

"Dark Forest"
Sleeping Prehistoria Dog Sprite File:Dark Forest.ogg
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