Each region in Evermore uses its own Currency. Traders and merchants will only deal in that currency, and monsters reward money in their region's home currency; monsters that appear in multiple regions leave money fitting whichever region they are found in. There are four types of currency - Prehistoria uses Talons, Antiqua uses Jewels, Gothica uses Gold Coins, and Omnitopia uses Credits.

Each region often contains exchangers that will trade in the player's currency for the currency of the region. The exchange rate is:

8 Credits → 4 Talons -> 2 Jewels → 1 Gold Coin

In reverse:

8 Gold Coins → 16 Jewels → 32 Talons → 64 Credits.

To put another way, each unit of currency in a region is worth double the value of the previous region's currency, if one remembers Omnitopia is the first region visited. This overall makes Gold Coins the most valuable currency, and Credits the lowest. When exchanging, if the player has an odd number of the previous currency, they will retain it, ie, 41 Talons will be exchanged for 20 Jewels and the leftover Talon remains with the player.

Merchant prices between regions do not always change to reflect the exchange rate - an item or ingredient that costs 40 Talons in Prehistoria may still cost 40 Gold Coins in Gothica, despite 40 Gold Coins being worth 160 Talons.

While the regions usually only deal with their home currency, there is one instance of the player finding currency outside its home region - at the palace at Nobilia, the player can find 2,500 Gold Coins in the palace fountain, instead of Jewels.