Cure is an alchemy formula. It is taught by Strong Heart in the Southern Jungle, after rescuing him from Thraxx, and also from the fish vendor in Nobilia Marketplace.


Cure is a very simple but necessarily formula, healing the target of all status ailments. Status ailments always a nuisance to deal with, Essence can run out, and ingredients for Cure are plentiful and cheap in Prehistoria. There is little reason not to use Cure, at least until the player gets the superior Miracle Cure later in the game.

If the player is truly worried about status ailments, they should keep an eye on their usage of Flash. Flash consumes two Oil with each use, and Oil cannot be purchased in Antiqua; while the Dark Forest alchemist in Gothica stocks it, it is very inconvenient to find him. Thus, the player's stock of Oil for Cure and Flash will need to last them a while after leaving Prehistoria, and Flash can quickly use up that stock if the player uses it too liberally.


Cure requires 1 part Oil and 2 parts Root for each casting.

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