Crush is an alchemy formula, the first formula learned by the player in Antiqua. It is taught by Blimp at the Cliff.


Crush sends a speck of light into the air, which then descends on the target enemy in a giant stone fist.

Crush is a mid-powered formula, useful throughout Antiqua for having much higher power than the formulas learned in Prehistoria, and ingredients for it are readily available from Blimp. However, later in the game its usefulness is harmed by the fact only Blimp sells the needed Limestone to cast Crush, and the acquisition of other formulas with greater damage.

Crush is also notable for an exploit that allows the player to rapidly deal massive damage with it. If the player switches control to the Dog, they can rapidly cast Crush in succession by opening the Hero's menu while the casting animation for Crush is executing. Several casts of Crush can be stacked this way, allowing for several hundred and even over a thousand damage.


Crush requires 1 part Wax and 1 part Limestone for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 16 30
Level 1 33 62
Level 2 74 107
Level 3 104 161
Level 4 125 214
Level 5 156 306
Level 6 203 356
Level 7 253 478
Level 8 303 500
Level 9 436 696

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