The Coleoptera is a large insect fought in Prehistoria. It is a palette swap of Thraxx, and fought in the same location.


The Coleoptera looks like Thraxx, but is a far more dangerous enemy and should not be underestimated. Unlike Thraxx, it opens up its ripcage at random, rather than when struck. This leaves the player vulnerable to its claws while attacking to get in. Coleoptera attacks with its claws and the same roar as Thraxx that damages the player and knocks them back. It also uses Storm and Flash, which deal heavy damage, and shoots an electrical blast from its eyes.

The player must keep an eye on their HP in this fight, as Coleoptera's alchemy attacks are very strong and can kill them in only a couple of hits unless they heal. Otherwise, keep your distance from Coleoptera to avoid its claws and attack with alchemy or a charged spear throw. If the Lance has reached Level 2 or 3, it is very effective.

Player ImprovementEdit

The Coleoptera drops 4,000 Talons and gives 10,000 experience; though the money is substantial, it works out to a more meagre 1,000 Gold Coins in Gothica. It also allows the player to retrieve the Wheel, an item needed for Tinker's rocket.


Coleoptera is the name for the taxomic order made up of beetles.

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