Camellia's evil twin is the primary antagonist of Gothica. She is an evil, robotic copy of Camellia Bluegarden and is the ruler of Gothica, having usurped Camellia in the position.


Camellia's evil twin was created by Sidney Ruffleberg on orders from Carltron. Several months before the start of the game, Camellia's evil twin came to Gothica. She imprisoned the real Camellia and presented the King with a hypnotic puppet show that put him in a trance. With the King and Camellia subdued, the twin took control of the kingdom posing as the real Camellia, and moved the residents of Ebon Keep to Ivor Tower.

By the time the Hero came to Gothica, the evil twin had learned of Camellia's escape, and wished to invade Ebon Keep to get rid of her and the few other stragglers who had stayed behind. She convinced the hero to do this and sent him on his task. However, it was a trick on her part: she intended for the dragons and other monsters in the Dark Forest to kill the hero. Meanwhile, on orders from Carltron, the evil twin ordered a search of Gothica to find the Energy Core.

When the hero met the real Camellia and learned the truth, he returned to Ivor Tower to confront the evil twin. In the puppet show room, she had the puppets themselves attack him, along with a hideous monster named Mungola. The hero destroyed Mungola, and the furious twin leapt from her balcony in an attempt to crush him. She missed, and crashed through the floor, and several more floors below it, to her doom.

In the ending, the evil twin has apparently been rebuilt and made part of the Ivor Tower Alley oddities exhibition along with Elizabeth's evil twin and Horace's evil twin.  

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