Call Beads are a rare item found through the game. When used, the player can call upon the powers of one of the leaders of Evermore to use a powerful alchemy attack.


Call Beads cannot be purchased anywhere. The main way to receive them is from the leaders of Evermore themselves: upon meeting them for the first time, they give the player Call Beads until they hold six. The exception is Elizabeth, who gives the player their first Call Beads after they return from the Bugmuck after defeating Thraxx. Horace also gives the player more Call Beads after defeating Aegis.

The Call Up formula can create a free Call Bead.

Call Bead Spot

The spawn point for infinite Call Beads.

At the entrance to the palace in Nobilia, above a snake statue against a wall, there is a spot where the player can find infinite Call Beads. This can only be done on the second visit to Antiqua, after acquiring the Windwalker.

Beyond these methods, Call Beads are rarely found inside containers.

List of Call Bead formulasEdit