Barrier is an alchemy formula. It is taught by Horace in Nobilia after the player acquires the Windwalker. To acquire it, the player must enter Nobilia palace before defeating Tiny.


Barrier heals a small amount of HP and grants the user invulnerability to physical attacks for 45 seconds.

Barrier is an excellent formula, and arguably one of the most useful in the game. While the player is still vulnerable to alchemy attacks, no normal enemies in the game use alchemy, and only a handful of the remaining bosses do. Barrier thus grants effective invulnerability. Its healing is small at first, but quickly scales as Barrier gains in level, and at higher levels Barrier can make dedicated healing formulas obsolete.

The only drawback to Barrier is that Antiqua is the only place the player can procure its ingredients. However, after all the money received from beating Mungola in Gothica a short time ago, the player can easily afford to stock up on ingredients to last them a long time.


Barrier requires 1 part Limestone and 2 parts Bone for each casting.


Level Minimum healing Maximum healing
Level 0 13 24
Level 1 26 49
Level 2 47 85
Level 3 69 135
Level 4 97 185
Level 5 126 249
Level 6 182 320
Level 7 209 388
Level 8 247 478
Level 9 312 550