The Bad Boy is a boss fought partway through the Dark Forest in Gothica. The player must fight three of them. Another appears in the final boss battle.


The Bad Boy moves and attacks just like the player, and thus is fairly fast with a quick melee attack, though it doesn't do much damage. Each Bad Boy has identical stats, but can use a different alchemy formula. The first uses Crush, the second uses Storm, and the third uses Nitro. Only the third Bad Boy is a real threat, as Nitro can deal heavy damage to the player. Separately the player can easily take out each Bad Boy with some powerful alchemy and a charged attack or two; as long as they have a good stock of supplies for healing, there shouldn't be much trouble.

The Bad Boy that appears at the end of the game is statistically identical to the ones in the Dark Forest, unfortunately for it: it is highly likely the player or the Dog will kill it with one attack as soon as it spawns.

Player improvementEdit

The player collectively gets 1,200 experience and 999 coins from the three Bad Boys, a decent making. More importantly, the player wins the Crusader Sword.