Atlas is an alchemy formula. It is taught by a Rogue in Nobilia, found behind a stack of crates in the inn. The Rogue gives the player the formula and also sells the Atlas Amulets needed to cast it.


Atlas levels scale well, and at higher levels the strength boost is very impressive. It also lasts a long time with each casting, 90 seconds, longer than any other stasus buff formula.

The major problem with Atlas is that its ingredients are rare. Atlas Amulets can only be purchased from the Rogue that gives the player the formula, and he only sells up to three at once. Further, Atlas Amulets are almost never found in containers, and are even rarer than Call Beads. This makes Atlas very difficult to level up, and the player will usually never have any more than three uses of it before they run out of Atlas Amulets.


Atlas requires 1 parts Atlas Amulet and 3 parts Ash for each casting.

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