Acid Rain is an alchemy formula. It is taught by an alchemist at the Sandpits. After defeating Thraxx to gain access to the cliff area of the Sandpits, a hidden area to the right of the pot containing Wax leads to the alchemist.


Acid Rain executes quickly and fires no projectile, taking effect on targeted enemies almost instantly. It douses them with water for a couple of seconds, during which time they are invulnerable.

Acid Rain is decently effective when first acquired. It does more damage on average than Flash and Hard Ball, the other two offensive formulas acquired in Prehistoria, and also has the advantage that the ingredients needed to cast it are much more common and less expensive than the ones for Flash and Hard Ball. However, prolonged usage of it is ill-advised, as Acid Rain consumes 3 Water with each use and can quickly burn through the player's stock, and Water is needed for another important formula, Heal.


Acid Rain requires 1 part Ash and 3 parts Water for each casting.


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 9 16
Level 1 17 29
Level 2 30 58
Level 3 47 91
Level 4 65 124
Level 5 89 166
Level 6 117 215
Level 7 136 262
Level 8 177 308
Level 9 231 390

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